Last bird hunt of the season (general discussion)

by Bkeepr, Saturday, April 06, 2019, 09:25 (16 days ago)

Getting ready to leave on my last pheasant hunt for this year. The dogs have been relentlessly under foot since my vest and shotgun came out this morning. Always bittersweet, the last hunt. My big boy Jivy (111 pounds) will be 9 soon--old for a Spinone--and won't be out much next year, at least not for any long hunts. Marietta is 6 already, although she still acts like a pup.

Still, it is always a fun time, just the three of us, some sunshine, a gun, and whatever pheasants they find and point. I hope I'll do my part and bring at least some birds down for them to retrieve. They love to bring them back to me, they are so proud when they hand "their" bird over.

I wish I'd discovered bird hunting sooner in my life. I envy those of you who did it as kids and young men.

I really hope y'all have as good a day as I will--but doubt very much that you will. :-P

Last bird hunt of the season

by Red Dave, Southern Pennsylvania, Saturday, April 06, 2019, 09:52 (16 days ago) @ Bkeepr

Tom I forget, are you hunting pheasant?

When we had the farm, I used to love to hunt pheasant. But there are no wild pheasant around here anymore, only the few that some hunting clubs release.

Last bird hunt of the season

by Bkeepr, Sunday, April 07, 2019, 15:34 (15 days ago) @ Red Dave


went for pheasant, but also ran into an established/wild covey of quail, so I took advantage of them, too.

Yeah, I hunt at preserves...there just aren't any wild pheasants around here anymore and as much as I'd love to go hunt wild ones, that's just not in the cards for me. The dogs don't know the difference, and I am so hot and cold a shotgun shot, there's sport in it for the birds.

Had a great day, the dogs were perfect even if I was not.

If anybody is on Facebook, you can see a few pictures of where I was, and of the dogs. I was the only one with opposable thumbs, though, so no pics of me this time. :~)

Last bird hunt of the season

by Bernie/MA, Sunday, April 07, 2019, 17:01 (15 days ago) @ Bkeepr

I don't expect the dogs will be sleeping on your bed tonight. They look tired out tho.

Last bird hunt of the season

by Bkeepr, Sunday, April 07, 2019, 18:28 (15 days ago) @ Bernie/MA

The old boy was tired for awhile, the girl was only tired for an hour or the time we made it home, she was ready to play "fetch" with the ball. But they *never* get on the bed, even when they're big as they are, there'd be no room for us! :-)

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