brain fart coffee (general discussion)

by ma10, Friday, February 09, 2018, 05:44 (375 days ago)

i woulda had the go juice ready earlier but...i forgot to put the water in the coffee make. so the first pot was a tad on the dry side. i guess that's alot less messy than the time i got distracted in the middle of making coffee, and tried to fill the maker twice.

oh's done now and tastes pretty good so grab you a mugful and we'll talk about what our plans are for today. one of mine is to finish up my boat traile project and then adjust all the bungs and rollers.

let's roll you bums!

brain fart coffee

by Ron ⌂, Central Pennsylvania, Friday, February 09, 2018, 05:52 (375 days ago) @ ma10

Sitting @ the hospital with Donna waiting for ct scan. Jonesing for coffee cause I need labs next.

Loading hogs should be an Olympic event.

brain fart coffee

by loopymama @, michigan, Friday, February 09, 2018, 07:14 (375 days ago) @ Ron

Sitting in the craft room, waiting for the rest of the seven inches of snow to fall. I’m making a small craft project for the widow lady next door to give to her great grandchildren for Valentine’s Day. Ron, when you’re all done, I’ve got banana muffins to share.

brain fart coffee

by moll, Friday, February 09, 2018, 14:49 (375 days ago) @ ma10

Izzitt morning already?

"You can't go back home to your family, back home to your childhood ... back home to a young man's dreams of glory and of fame ... "

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