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by Jim in RP, Negros Island, South Pacific, Monday, April 15, 2019, 01:42 (7 days ago) @ Red Dave

Red Dave,
… he made a choice to live outside the United States.

Red Dave, You are absolutely correct. :yes: I made that decision to retire here. It was an INFORMED decision after 22 years of consideration.

There are many other instances where medical insurance doesn't cover international travel. :conf:

I am not an international traveler, I live here.
First off this post and my problems ARE NOT about international travel, Medicare, privet insurance or even domestic travel. It is about my VA medical entitlements for SERVICE connected ailments and medical services needed. Without having to pay for then up front in order to get those services. In my mind that is nothing more than me being forced to loan the VA money. I do not owe the VA anything, they owe ME.
The only time I have heard of a military personal being transported over international borders, was when being medivaced out by military transport.

If you are covered by Medicare and travel outside the US, you may not be covered either.
Some Medicare supplemental policies cover care outside the US, but not basic Medicare.

I know that and knew that before retiring here. Over the last 8 years of living here I have paid in the neighborhood of $12,384 for/to Medicare. I get absolutely ZERO benefits for that money. A Medicare supplemental policy would do me zip if my (expensive) paid for Medicare policy is worthless in the first place.
Excuse me I have to go save my chest. I have been dancing with the devil fare too long. :beer:

Combat Infantry, the ultimate hunt, where the hunter becomes the hunted and the prey shoot back.

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