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by Jim in RP, Negros Island, South Pacific, Friday, April 12, 2019, 10:54 (10 days ago) @ Gerrit

Now, please explain a little more. Would 2.5 million pesos get you a surgery that would get you back up and running? If yes, would the VA reimburse that money completely?

No not completely.

Assuming that is the case how long would it take to get reimbursed by the VA?

Do not know how long. We have not used the new (foreign medical program) yet.
Reimbursement? Yes they are support to but they are a branch of the government. Looks like my best chance to survive this is to return to the US. I will be trying to set up that surgery at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. All though we are debt free at the moment that angiogram used up most of what we had in savings. I have a $6,000.oo credit line on my Visa card and a request for a temporary increase to 8 or 10 thousand, at our bank. Air fair alone will be around $6,000 round trip.

If it is like I wrote up here all you would need is a 48 Grand loan for a relatively short time, right?

That would completely depend on the "FMP" (foreign medical program) which is a new program by the VA that is forcing Vets to pay up front and in full in order to get the services that the VA should be taking care of in the first place. It is nothing more that a loan program, where the Vets have to loan the VA money to get their entitlements to health care.
There is several thing we need to do in order to make that trip to Ohio. The care of our house here, travel and living expenses, to and in the US. That alone will run $10,000.oo or more. I believe that I can handle that with out a lot of trouble.
The Doc. here in Cebu said that I would need 5 or 6 by passes to bring me back to the living. The biggest blockage, ( @ 70 to 85%) is up stream of the 12 stents I already have. If that one closes I would be dead before I hit the floor.

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