Soil Test Results (general discussion)

by GeneMO, Central Missouri, Friday, April 12, 2019, 08:13 (73 days ago) @ Bkeepr

Yes, and the added calcium, a base, is what adjusts the Ph to get rid of the acidity.

I am getting out of my "smart range", so I don't know how they figure the calcium at being high.

I know if you add crushed limestone to correct an out of balance Ph, it takes several years for that limestone to break down and do its jobs. So on soil tests they usually ask when it was limed last. Knowing that if it was limed recently then it all would not be broken down and that would skew the test results.

But if they were saying the calcium is high, but Ph Ok, then wonder if they are talking about a different form of calcium?

Think that is a question for your local ag expert or Extension person.

Good luck, Gene

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