Disaster at Sea (general discussion)

by Fawteen ⌂, East Overshoe, Maine, Saturday, April 06, 2019, 17:29 (78 days ago)

Well, really big mud puddle anyway...

Well, I got a free lesson in weight and balance today. Great grandkids are here, weather was nice, wind was iffy but I figured it was good enough to try out the putt-putt boat.

Thanks to melting snow and more rain than we need, I have a LARGE puddle where the drainage ditch as backed up in the field. 6 feet or so at the widest, foot and a half or so at the deepest.

Set the boat in the water and immediately noticed that freeboard at the stern was minimal. The wind was pushing it pretty good so I steered it toward the opposite bank planning to beach it and re-think the weight distribution.

Didn't make it.

Fetched it out of about a foot of water and got it drying out. Not sure if the UBEC (basically a selectable output voltage regulator. 9V battery in, 6v out for the receiver) and receiver survived the dunking or not, guess I'll know in the morning.

First mod will be to move the battery pack all the way up to the bow.

Hah! We ARE taking our country back. Suck it, Liberal Commies!

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