i'll offer up some go juice... (general discussion)

by ma10, Saturday, April 06, 2019, 08:33 (79 days ago)

...someone else is gonna hafta put out the breakfast menu. as to any conversation...from the looks of this ol' bunkhouse lately, it don't look promising.

sunny this morning...looks like a nice day ahead afore more rain tonite. gotta check out my camper truck and get it ready to go. next friday i hafta head over to Nashville to be at the hospital with my daughter who's scheduled for neurosurgery. not sure how long i'll be there but i'll have my camper to stay in just in case.

known about this surgery for a few months now and it's been weighin' heavy on my head. some pretty serious and scary shit and i'm plenty worried. hopin' we'll be puttin' this thing behind us by this time next week.

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