Can't believe it (general discussion)

by Bernie/MA, Wednesday, April 03, 2019, 10:00 (19 days ago)

About Ron and the phone call I got last night. A neighbor who has a lot of horses wants to rent my fields and I've reached the point I'm not even sure I can hay this year say nothing of future. Hip and replaced knee are so bad I can't walk without crutches. I'm gonna have to rig something to work the clutch on the tractors as it is.
Another neighbor that has hayed most of the local fields has sold his farm. Pete is buying all his equipment and haying the fields Steve had been doing plus mine. They feed 300 bales a week. Only haying Pete has done is picking up bales so he can use my knowhow. If he does it right my customers will buy from him AND I won't giving the hay away to keep the fields open.

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