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by ma10, Tuesday, April 02, 2019, 09:19 (20 days ago)

been kinda cold and windy the last couple mornings but today startin' out warmer, calmer and heatin' up quick. already in the low 50's and postabe in the 60's today.

been noticing that green haze across the tops of our trees out in the woods around us. a few flowers poppin' out and won't be long afore the iris are bloomin'. redbuds, flowering crabs, and pear trees are in full blossom now and the yard and all the hayfields are greenin' up good. it'[s really gettin' purty now.

checked out my boat and trailer yesterday and got it ready to go down the highway and out on the lake....maybe tomorrow. i cut up some firewood logs that i'll get split and stacked as i feel like it. already thinkin' about next winter.

grab a mugful and we'll get out and get the splitter set up. it's busy time of the year and life goes on for the rest of us...can't help still thinkin' about one who isn't with us now.

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