hey Fawteen (general discussion)

by Fawteen ⌂, East Overshoe, Maine, Monday, April 01, 2019, 15:00 (84 days ago) @ ma10

Oh yeah, starts and runs good. I rode it up and down the road at the place where I bought it.

A few years ago, I'da put on my Eckskimo Suit and rode it. Not quite so fierce about it these days.

New sneakers came in today, but the toobs are back ordered and I'm still waiting on 'lectrical stuff anyway. I'm a little surprised at the tires, I specifically ordered street-legal DOT approved tires (which these are) but they're seriously gnarly and look better than a lot of straight knobbies I ran back in the day.

Hah! We ARE taking our country back. Suck it, Liberal Commies!

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