Well we went (general discussion)

by Ron ⌂, Central Pennsylvania, Friday, March 15, 2019, 15:25 (66 days ago)

Out of respect and being the only English there other than the boss, I took no pix of the harness/tack shop.

We got to the airport and sure enough, the boss owns a plane. Or so we found out after airport management brought a key that fit the entry door.


We drug out the spring wagon and surrey and loaded it on the trailer.


I noticed that the boss' hanger had a pink bra for a wind sock. Later found out the neighbor hanger is the party house.

Ennywho we got back home unloaded and they hitched the surrey to the horse that can be driven and by that time I was sick of horse stuff and ready to head to Mahogany Ridge. I got to do that after I unhitched the trailer from the boss' pickup.


I know there's serious farming coming up, but then I'm the true part timer but this the kind of crap I do all day most days.

Loading hogs should be an Olympic event.

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