When to fell trees for firewood (general discussion)

by GeneMO, Central Missouri, Thursday, March 14, 2019, 19:15 (67 days ago)

Few years ago we were talking to a chimney sweep feller. He was saying only cut trees in November and December, when sap is down.

OK, so I understand that, and agree it makes sense. Trouble is, I didn't get all the trees felled that I wanted when it was really cold a few months ago, and we have just had terrible weather, so I thought I would cut about 5 or 6 smaller hickory.

Problem is my wife was privy to that chimney sweep saying that and she is like, "NO, don't cut them now, it will soot up the chimney and burn the house down"

I grew up helping my dad cut firewood, and we cut it whenever we got time. Period.

Naturally we were busy this time of year getting ready to plant, and working with cattle, so probably never cut much in early March.

But it was still in the single digits here on the 3-5th. Been cold as heck all winter. No trees are budded, not even forsythia. A few tulips are breaking the surface though.


Thanks, Gene

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