Oxygen supplier (general discussion)

by GeneMO, Central Missouri, Thursday, March 14, 2019, 16:06 (67 days ago) @ Ron

Big 100# propane bottles are supposedly exempt from the 12 year date thing around here anyway. I power the hunting cabin lights and cook stove with em. About $60 but refill.

They are becoming a pain in back side to mess with the little 20's here. I think it is 12 years from date, its stamped right on the carry handle area. When mine get out of date, I go exchange them. I Always check the date on the exchange bottle. Making sure I have a good 10 years or so left on the date.

I had some 40# bottles on an Camper trailer that went out of date and they were hassling me, Went online, found a place that sold inspection stickers for propane tanks. I printed off a blank sticker, on white paper, Put it in my old typewriter, made up inspectors numbers, dates, etc. Stuck the sticker onto a clear label of the right size, stuck it to the tank and it worked just fine.

I know, I do not conform well to rules.


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