Oxygen supplier (general discussion)

by GeneMO, Central Missouri, Wednesday, March 13, 2019, 15:23 (73 days ago) @ Ron

We were told decades ago that you cannot own your own bottles. Said you could only lease them for 99 years. But I have been through that same pony show several times. One time our shop burned and the tank was toast. We had leased a small tank (cheaper), but they would let us take out a large tank. Boy, was that a mess.

Anyway, last time, my dad passed away, lease paperwork was in his name, but I took the bottle to the new place, and they transferred me over and set me up fine, so took care of me. Thank goodness the new place (50 miles away) was managed by a young man who is from my home town and I knew his family, cousin, uncles,etc. I think that helped.

I hope this new lease outlives me.


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