Oxygen supplier (general discussion)

by Ron ⌂, Central Pennsylvania, Wednesday, March 13, 2019, 05:35 (72 days ago)

A few years ago I bought my oxygen tank for my torches from a local farm supply shop that had an exchange crib outside the store. Just my luck, they sold out and the new owner didn't keep the exchange going.

I was careful to keep my receipt and certificate of ownership for the tank, and dug it out to see that it was through "Thoroughbred" tanks. As luck would have it, TSC has that brand at their local stores so I figured I was good to go. Not so fast bubba, the clerk was pretty sure I would have needed to purchase my tank from TSC to exchange it. Gotta try and get with the manager soon, or try Home Depot, it looks like they use them as well. The tank's not marked, and it seems no one is interested if filling my tank.

Then to make matters even more fun, I grabbed 4 20 lb. propane tanks yesterday, went to the local Dollar General store and paid for 4 exchanges. The lady brought the key out and said oh, they're Blue Rino bottles, we can't exchange them. Wrong brand. Hauled my butt to my propane supplier and asked if he'd fill the Blue Rino bottles he said nope, but if you'll pull the plastic sleeve off of them I'll fill "YOUR" bottles. Saved $28.00 on that call so it didn't work out bad.

Coffee's on, saps cooking, strawberry shortcake for the taking.

Loading hogs should be an Olympic event.

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