Good Business (general discussion)

by tacon1, Tuesday, March 12, 2019, 11:15 (74 days ago) @ Bkeepr

They say there are about four and a half million gun owners in California with about half of them owning more than one gun and about ten percent owning more than five firearms.
Now, bear in mind that is only counting owners of legal guns...lord only knows how many more there are in a state of almost 40 million people.

Fawteen is correct, the rural areas like here in northern California the percent of gun owners is much higher than in the big city liberal areas.

My original post was about a local gun shop, with the offer being to folks that lost their firearms in local fires. And with the speed those fires spread most folks just got out with what they were wearing, so a lot lost everything including firearms.

The owner of the shop is a nice guy and this is a nice offer he's made. As the subject of my post said, "Good Business" and hopefully he'll get enough additional business from this.

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