mawnin' Homies (general discussion)

by ma10, Sunday, March 10, 2019, 07:17 (71 days ago)

decided i needed to check in...good thing too cuz i found out i been kicked outta this ol' bunkhouse and hadta re-up my password and stuff to get back in. there's coffee ona counter but nuthin' to eat around here. you'll hafta bring yor own grub.

been a long tough winter weather wise and health wise but we're still hangin' in there. Rosie's down with the bad head cold/flu i give her outta the kindness of my heart that i'm just getting over. the weather here has been wet cold and gloomy for months. major flooding all around us. near record setting flood levels on the Tn. River has wreaked havoc all around us. it's down ten feet and still 15 feet over flood stage. lots of loss to folks in the area. haven't been able to get out and do mush all winter and we're both goin' kinda stir crazy but we're holdin' our own for now.

haven't been keepin' up with the goin' ons around this forum but i hope ever'one is doin' ok. lookin' forward to better weather and better times. grab you a mugful

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