Tried to look at another house today. (general discussion)

by Fawteen ⌂, East Overshoe, Maine, Tuesday, February 12, 2019, 17:17 (65 days ago)

Web pictures looked okay outside, very nice inside.

Google maps satellite view showed the location as acceptable. Rural, but just off major highway, schools and light shopping within a couple of miles.

Price reasonable if they're willing to negotiate a little.

Good so far.

Drove nearly 2 hours to get there. What the web site didn't mention and Google didn't adequately reveal was that in something less than 1/4 mile of (gravel) (I think...) driveway there was roughly 100 feet change in elevation, and it was a ditch-to-ditch slick of ice with a token sprinkle of sand or ash here and there that looked like a 3 year old did it with his beach bucket.

Didn't even try to go up it. Told the realtor the driveway was a deal breaker no matter how nice the house was. Getting the boys up and down that to the bus all Winter was a non-starter.

Good news is, they've found a (to me at least) GORGEOUS place in another town that we'll look at next week.

Hah! We ARE taking our country back. Suck it, Liberal Commies!

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