Can someone 'splain this? (general discussion)

by GeneMO, Central Missouri, Tuesday, February 12, 2019, 11:45 (66 days ago) @ Ron

It is the same all over. I heard the Boy Scout organization was bankrupt (from fighting lawsuits) They caved in several years ago and let gays and gay scout leaders in. So naturally lots of people bailed out. Then the girl thing came up. I think the girl scouts turned into nothing but a cookie seller, to raise money so the head honchos in the big office could have good paying jobs. They did nothing else, besides con people out of money for stale cookies, and they are big supporters of planned parenthood.

So their organization was messed up, so they invaded the Boy Scouts. Now the new BSA organization will also fail.

Rather than try to fix their own organization, they took over and ruined an fine old organization.

We had the same issue at our local church. The LGBT bunch basically staged a coup and took over the state Synod in St. Louis and they now run the church. Lots of the small, local churches have quit paying or associating with the state organization.

Well it aint gonna work with my "He-Man Wuman Haters Club" We aint letting in the women or the light in the loafer crowd !!!


It takes billions to win a war, to loose one takes all ya got.

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