Can someone 'splain this? (general discussion)

by Red Dave, Southern Pennsylvania, Tuesday, February 12, 2019, 09:11 (66 days ago) @ Ron

When my son was in the Boy Scouts, most of the boys were too young to appreciate girls yet. His Troop did a lot of camping, year 'round, all weather. We used to take the boys to some remote areas to camp so they could run around like boys and have fun and not bother anybody. They acted like boys, including doing all the things boys do that their mothers would never approve of in polite company. Basically, they ran around like Indians in the woods.

I really don't think most girls would even enjoy the same thing those boys did. And if you change the things you do to accommodate the girls, doesn't that spoil the whole idea of it being "Boy Scouts"?

Besides, we usually had primitive toilet facilities. No problem for boys, but girls???

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