Looks horrible (general discussion)

by Ron ⌂, Central Pennsylvania, Saturday, August 11, 2018, 13:59 (192 days ago) @ Noah W

Mowed anyway and it literally looks like a hay field. I doubt I'll be able to clean it up by the end of the mowing season and really don't care but it sure looks like crap.

Never fear...you can salvage the looks to keep the HOA away, stash some for future use, or sell it to the sheepster this winter.

You already have the mower.
Now for the rest of your needs:

The Rake

Useful all purpose machine. This Hay Pusher can be used for stacking and possibly has many other uses for those of questionable character.

The Baler

Always trying to help those in need or mentally handicapped.

I will be vacationing at a undisclosed location for the next several??? months and totally unavailable.

Noah W

That's fine. You take your time getting back. I suspect the grass will still be laying there when you get back and can bale it for me.....

Loading hogs should be an Olympic event.

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