Charging question (general discussion)

by Bernie/MA, Saturday, August 11, 2018, 11:58 (192 days ago)

A couple years ago I had the generator on my Ford Jube rebuilt, still wouldn't charge. So in this batch of parts I got a new regulator. My kid helper dealt with the little screws and clips, only lost one. Found another one and got it running. The needle flicks back and forth rapidly. Friend told me poor ground. Opinions?

BTW, there's nothing wrong with the gas bowl. My friend didn't get the wire clip on right when he replaced the gasket. Couldn't tell with the hood on. So I didn't need any sealant. Only thing left to put on is the proof meter cable before trying to get the hood back together. It pretty much fell apart taking it off. Hay is ready to cut if it ever stops raining.

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