The Recycling Scam (general discussion)

by Red Dave, Southern Pennsylvania, Friday, July 13, 2018, 12:22 (221 days ago) @ Fawteen

It's going to be an issue for everybody before long. The Chinese used to take most of the recyclable plastics, but have recently decided they no longer want it.

Chinese and Recycling Story

The whole recycling world has been a scam since the early 1990's. There used to be legitimate markets for recyclable materials and you could about break even with it, but when states (like Pennsyltucky) decided to mandate it, they glutted the markets and there has been way more supply but no additional demand. It's another example of ham-handed government mandates screwing up the works. It has been a money pit ever since.

We are lucky here. Our county has an incinerator that drives a steam generator. We burn nearly everything and convert it to electricity. It can't be efficient enough to make money, but it does reduce everything to ash which saves a lot of landfill space and the electric sales do offset at least some of the costs. When the honchos would ask me if we recycled, I always said yes, we are recycling it into electricity.

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