Getting close to Gerrit's place (general discussion)

by Dieselrider ⌂, West Central, PA, Monday, February 12, 2018, 19:32 (372 days ago) @ Fawteen

Bit of a story on that: Seems there were a group of Pollocks (can insert any ethnicity or group you want here) came looking for a job setting telephone poles. Supervisor decided to give em a shot and told them where to start. First day on the job the crew put in 5 poles. Supervisor thought they were still getting the hang of it and they would pick it up.

next day they only set 4 and the supervisor was a bit worried but, thought he'd let it go and see.

Third day they only got in 4 again. Supervisor called em aside and asked what the problem was. Most crews were setting 8-10 poles a day. The crew leader said " we didn't want to say anything and get those other guys in trouble but, did you know they are letting those poles up out of the ground about 20- 30 feet?"

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