posta get warmer.... (general discussion)

by ma10, Monday, February 12, 2018, 16:49 (372 days ago)

....and none too soon. scrubbed and polished the floors and mirrors in my bafroom, and then almost got stoopid (well, more stoopid than i already am) i even thought about painting the ceiling. went so far as to check and see if i had any ceiling paint. luckily i did but it was no good. prolly the only thing that saved me from my dumb self...been caged up in this house so long i started to forget how much i hate to paint....'specially ceilings.

i got the bafroom a whole lot cleaner, but it ain't exactly up to Rosie's standards to designate it a uni-sex bafroom. that's a good thing. don't want no wimmins in there anyway....'specially HER! on the rare occasion she goes in there she always come out of there complaining about something or another.

warmer weather means i'm done with cleaning and scrubbing and i can get the hell outta this place and back down to my shop. i feel the need to grind metal, weld something, get greasy, pull on wrenches...or just sit at my bar and suck beer. better yet....all of the above.

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