rainy days boredom (general discussion)

by ma10, Sunday, February 11, 2018, 10:24 (373 days ago)

sat around all day yesterday doin' nuthin'...this morning it's still rainin' but i don't feel like just layin' around so i decided to clean my bafroom. Rosie and i have separate bafrooms. her's i rarely go in, mine, she claims, she won't go in without wearin' a hazmat suit...which is fine with me...don't want her in there anyway. but i hafta admit, it was gettin' purty funky in there. it's the only room in the house i reserve to smoke in, and usually only when it's too cold or nasty to go outside. so it does get a little dingy over the winter. i also admit that i don't do much cleanin' in there unless we have company coming. it's designated as "the men's room", so i'll swipe a rag over it afore folks get here...men folks that is.

so this morning i'm cleanin' from top to bottom...floors, walls, doors, trim, cabinet fronts, sinks terlits and tub. it should look (and mebee smell) a little better when i get it done....which may be today or not. i ain't worried about Rosie decidin' it's nice enuf for her to use as long as i keep lightin' up in there. she won't let me smoke in her Exploder either...hates the smell...it works like a woman repellent...good for me.

ma10 with his apron on.

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