Winter Olympics (general discussion)

by Jim in RP, Negros Island, South Pacific, Saturday, February 10, 2018, 16:18 (374 days ago) @ Fawteen

I bet if they got you in a SCISSORS LOCK they'd crush yer HEAD like a grape.

You are releasing personal info that could get you a couple of hundred man-card points.
There is this saying that goes like this, "you are what you eat". I'm trying to figure how to put this so as not to offend those that have virgin ears. The practice of having your head "crushed like a grape" might make you a female cat. :-D My old man told me, when he was about the age I am now, that he could no longer cut the mustard but he could still lick the pot. I had better shout this mouth of mine be for Ron gets the bar-soap out. :-D

I'm headed out for some breakfast at the Coco Grande, not the "Y".

Combat Infantry, the ultimate hunt, where the hunter becomes the hunted and the prey shoot back.

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