Think I need to seek professional help (general discussion)

by Red Dave, Southern Pennsylvania, Thursday, February 08, 2018, 17:22 (376 days ago) @ GeneMO

I've thought about taking on a part-time gig to augment the pension and social security.
Don't really need it, but a few extra bucks is always a good thing. I had a couple invites from past "associates" to help develop their safety/environmental compliance programs at their new employers. One even said I could do most of it from home via the internet. But, all would require at least some travel to either western PA, West Virginia and/or New York state. And all would have tried to morph it into a full-time job (I know how these guys operate) over time, I don't want to travel, I will not relocate, and I really don't want to work full time anymore.

So, I am waiting until somebody offers me something that I can do at home, or within 5 miles at the most, one or two days a week tops, 10 AM to 2 PM with an hour off for lunch, I can set my own schedule, and take off whenever I want to.
No offers so far. :conf:

Frankly, with catching up on all the little jobs around the house that were let go for years because there was never enough time to do it all, I seem to be busy as it is.

I'm enjoying retirement just as it is, don't need any changes at this point. Sure not going to take on night work. Can't stay awake past 9 PM anymore anyway.:cool:

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