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Noah W

25.12.2013, 00:45

Literary License

Twasí the night before Christmas

And the Homies were busy

So many postings,

It made one quite dizzy.

Wishes for Christmas

Humor and more

Writing about everything

And giving what for!

On Tac, On Pea,

On Faw and on Ron,

Too many to name

To continue to go on.

Dona in her robe

And me in my cap

Thinking I need

A good winterís nap.

But midnight mass

In the choir I sing

A problem for me

As canít remember a thing.

So while Iím still sane

Will post this and leave

And wish all you Homies

A great Christmas eve!

Noah and Dona Werka


Central Pennsylvania,
25.12.2013, 11:44

@ Noah W

Literary License

Wow, never knew we had talent hanging around.

Hope it's a very merry Christmas for you folks.

Thanx for the treat.

The beatings will continue until morale improves.
Bite me!!!

Jim in RP

25.12.2013, 20:58

@ Noah W

Literary License

:-D :ok: :clap: :love:

Combat Infantry, the ultimate hunt, where the hunter becomes the hunted and the prey shoot back.


25.12.2013, 22:19

@ Jim in RP

Literary License

Ľ :-D :ok: :clap: :love:


Getting old is not for the weak. And being a parent is not for the meek.

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